The current certification rules provide for the production, which belongs to the category of individual protection, the passage of mandatory registration in GOST R. A positive result of certification is the issuance of a registered certificate of conformity to the applicant.

For this type of products, the standard procedure for testing activities is recommended. At the initial stage, product samples are taken, followed by laboratory tests. Based on the conclusion of an accredited laboratory on the compliance of the samples with the norms of technical regulations, the applicant receives a certificate of conformity. The maximum duration of this procedure does not exceed 10 days.

Depending on the chosen scheme of certification, the document can be issued both to the direct manufacturer and to the importing company.

List of tools that provide individual protection

The full list of products for which compulsory certification is provided is as follows:

A group of IZ equipment that protects respiratory organs (with the exception of specialized means issued to fire departments). Also included in this group are replaceable and disposable filter elements.
Noise protection equipment, including:
Headphones protecting from excessive noise;
Ear inserts that protect against noise;
Built-in helmet antinoise headphones;
Breathing apparatus (except for products issued to fire departments);
Anti-vibration hardware for hands;
Individual armored clothing;
Dielectric shoes with a sole made of polymer;
Form boots, providing protection against ingress of fats, oil and derivative products;
Individual clothes, equipped with protection from toxic and corrosive substances;
Moisture-resistant men's suits;
Specialized clothing with signal coating;
Men's suits that provide protection against dust (not designed to protect against toxins);
Standard protective suits that protect against mechanical damage and industrial contamination;
Men's and women's protective suits that protect against the effects of low ambient temperatures;
Women's and men's protective suits, reflecting the effect of high temperatures;
Specialized costumes for miners;
Men's and women's protective suits, preventing direct contact with acids;
Special clothing that protects against the thermal effects of an open arc;
General industrial suits, providing a comprehensive protection against pollution, moisture and alkali;
Specialized overalls for men and women, reflecting mechanical influences, preventing the ingress of dust and other contaminants;
Production protective aprons;
Protective woven gloves and mittens;
Category of special footwear for industrial premises:
With protection against typical pollution in the workplace;
With protection against high temperatures;
With protection from high slip on surfaces covered with a layer of fat;
With protection against mechanical damage;
With vibration protection;
With protection from the effects of liquid media (oil, alkali, acid solutions), as well as dust;
Category of casual shoes:
Child's, designed for everyday wearing (excluding orthopedic and sports models);
Children's home and street footwear;
Children's, made of yufti;
All protective helmets (excluding articles issued to construction workers and fire departments);
Category of mining helmets equipped with additional means of protection.