The current technical regulations prescribe mandatory certification for certain types of pumping equipment, whereas for most other types of similar technical devices it is sufficient to issue a declaration of conformity. Entry into this or that commodity category is due to the functional characteristics of the pump and its operating conditions.

Based on the designation of pumping equipment, verification of its safety is governed by one of the following documents:

• Standard technical regulations of the TS, describing the rules for safe operation of industrial equipment and machines.

• Additional technical regulations of the TS relating to low-voltage equipment and compatibility of industrial equipment at the electromagnetic level.

• Governmental Decree No. 15, adopted on 21.09.1994, regulating the process of certification of products in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The listed documents contain their own formats for the certification evaluation of pumping equipment, in particular the study of their operational safety, documented by a declaration of conformity or a full certificate.

Mandatory certification for industrial pumps

To date, the issuance of a certificate is mandatory for pumping equipment involved in the chemical industry and nuclear power industry. Also in this category were introduced electric pumps.

Pumping equipment used at nuclear facilities is certified in accordance with Government Decree No. 982, adopted on 01.12.2009. This document refers to pumps through which water is pumped in the 1st and 2nd circuits of the reactor and equipment included in the production cycle of the radiochemical type. The certification procedure is mandatory not only for finished units, but also for component parts, replaceable modules, etc.

Certification of electric pumps is regulated simultaneously by two normative documents concerning electromagnetic compatibility of industrial equipment and the procedure for regulating the turnover of low-voltage equipment. Despite the formal differences in these documents, both point to the certificate as the only possible document confirming compliance of the equipment with technical standards. Decision of the collegial body of the EAEC No. 91 approved a detailed list of electric pumps that need to issue a certificate.

Declaration of conformity for pumps

Registration of the declaration of conformity is carried out for units of volume and dynamic type. Previously, this equipment also required a certificate, but the technical regulations of the TC simplified the procedure. The declaration is formalized immediately before the pumping equipment goes on sale. Unlike the first category, accessories for dynamic pumps are not subject to conformity assessment.

Procedure for issuing normative documents

Issuance of certificates of compliance is handled by a special certification body that has received state accreditation. Responsible persons are the experts of the certification body, which confirm the decision to issue a seal certificate. If the applicant applies for the receipt of the declaration, the authority is instructed to register the completed declaration.

To issue a certificate, as well as to register a declaration, the interested party must submit to the certification body a package of documents confirming the operational safety of the equipment. One of the forms of documentary evidence in this case is the test report of the equipment.

For pumping equipment used in nuclear facilities, special certification schemes have been developed, the procedure for their implementation is regulated by the GOST R system, at the same time, certificates for electric pumps are drawn up according to the schemes approved by the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

The procedure for registration of the declaration of conformity and the scheme for carrying out this procedure are established art. 9 of the general technical regulation concerning the safety of industrial equipment.