To certify children's clothing, the manufacturer or distributor must confirm the proper quality of the product, its compliance with applicable safety standards, technical regulations and standards.

For this product category there is a separate technical regulation, which began to operate from 01.07.2012 on the territory of the member countries of the Customs Union. It determines the list of requirements for the conditions of production, the procedure for its marking and the identification procedure. Children's clothing is a commodity subject to compulsory certification, as a result of which the manufacturer will receive a declaration of conformity, or a commodity certificate authorizing its sale.

Commodity subgroups of children's clothing

The new Technical Regulations defined for children's clothing a number of special subgroups, characterized by separate standards for such characteristics as hygroscopicity, resistance to detergents, air permeability, etc. We give a brief description of each group:

Clothes that directly contact the baby's skin, so-called first layer clothing (underwear, bathing accessories, hats, socks and other products.);
Not completely contacting with the skin surface clothing (trousers, suits, sweaters, etc.);
Weak contact with the skin clothing (outer clothing, jackets, coats, etc.).
What documents do I need to collect for issuing a certificate?

The issuance of official certificates of compliance is traditionally handled by accredited Rosstandard certification centers. In order to initiate the process of issuing a certificate of an interested organization, it is necessary to submit a properly completed application together with a package of documents confirming the conformity of the clothing characteristics to the declared parameters.

The list of documents accompanying the application for issuing a certificate depends on the country of origin of the product. Let us briefly consider the approximate composition of the documentation package:

If the products are produced by a Russian company, the certification of children's clothing is accompanied by the submission of the requisites of the organization that submitted the application to the certification body, the title documents of the manufacturer, technical documentation for which the production (GOST or TU) was established, documents confirming ownership of the production premises (or contract Rent of such premises);
For certification of foreign products supplied by the Russian importer, the title documents of the organization that submitted the application, a certified copy of the contract for the supply of products, a detailed description of the goods, certificates issued in the producing country;
If a foreign company imports products independently, it is necessary to file a detailed product description, importer details, certificates issued in the producing country to the certification center.
There is a separate commodity category of children's clothing, the implementation of which is impossible without obtaining a certificate of state registration. This document is issued directly by Rospotrebnadzor in the person of local branches for such kinds of children's clothes:

Products belonging to the subgroup of first layer clothing made from knitwear (in particular linen), as well as textile clothing intended for children under three years of age;
Products made of knitwear of the second layer (socks, stockings) intended for children under three years of age;
Headdresses made of knitted fabrics and textiles for children under three years of age.
Russian companies must take care of the presence of a certificate of state registration at the time of production start-up, whereas for imported products the document is drawn up directly before importation into the territory of one of the Customs Union countries.

To obtain this or that permit, including the certificate of conformity for children's clothing, contact only an accredited organization that has enough experience in this field, which will save considerable time and financial costs.